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SQL server database monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing, software, with tools designed to scan, alert, and investigate SQL server failures, performance, SOX compliance, replication failures and much more.
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System Requirements and Compatibility

Memory (RAM) Minimum:                  50MB

Client Platforms tested:                      Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, .NET 4.0, 64/32 bit
SQL Servers tested for monitoring:  2005 Enterprise 32-bit, 2005 Enterprise 64-bit, 2008 Enterprise 32-bit, 2008 Enterprise
                                                              64-bit, 2008 Enterprise R2, 2012 Enterprise, 2014 Enterprise.
DIAB Database size:                         1 MB for installation 50 MB if collecting historical data based on average use.
Disk Requirements:                           30 MB

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