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SQL Software for: Realtime SQL Server monitoring, server performance tuning, query tuning, hardware analysis, DBA performance dashboard, performance history, query history, replication monitoring, database monitoring, SQL code analysis, SOX compliance, security monitoring, and tools designed to: scan, alert, and investigate, SQL server failures.
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DBAInABox is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Tennessee. Our main product, DIAB is an innovative, reliable, and cutting-edge product for DBAs, designed with an emphasis on being a quick-response product for solving problems when they occur and easing the burden of everyday tasks that DBAs typically perform daily. Our target customer is the small to medium sized business that's on a tight budget. It's just $269.99 and please, try before you buy. We are a small business with little overhead, so we can boast a good price. Give DIAB a try, we know you'll be impressed.     

Mission Statement:
  • Design a product that offers a fast response when problems occur. 
  • Remove the DBA from the daily assembly-line task. 
  • Offer a very competitive price. 
  • Designed specifically for Database Administrators. 
  • Offer a reliable product that has been heavily tested.  
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